Chester Marathon: Week 1 of 17

It is Saturday and I am attempting to run round Bolton parkrun. I managed 28:40 last week without causing my Achilles to grumble, complain, or scream at me. This was progress. A week later, and importantly a week without any significant pain, and I’m back again. In my head, I think that progressive miles of 8:30, 8:00, and finally 7:30 are doable without causing any damage. As I jog through a warm up and complete some drills, these are the paces that I settle on.

I start towards the back of the field. The course is quite congested at the beginning and this means that I’ll have no option other than a steady start. The other benefit is that it will mean that there are plenty of people ahead of me to pick off as I change the pace slightly as the run increases. It is a strategy that works really well and I am rewarded with miles of 8:24, 8:01, and 7:26. My heart rate climbs predictably high on the hills, but even though it tops out at 181, it does not feel as painful as it might. The effort is hard rather than maximum, and although my lungs burn a little at the end, my foot does not and I walk home feeling really pleased with the morning.

Bolton Parkrun 11/06/22 – A pleasing morning

Sunday morning was an easy 8 miler with Mark and Linda. It felt great to be back into the habit of a slightly longer run at the weekend because these long runs are, undoubtedly, the backbone of a successful marathon. My foot was stiff when I woke up, but this very quickly subsided once I started walking around. One of the things that I am going to need to work out is the difference between pain and stiffness.

Other than these two runs, everything else was simply very easy running including a few miles around the park with a runner from Bolton that I recently connected with on social media. It was great to get a run in and chat about where all of these miles might eventually take us: me to a faster marathon, him to an ultra at some point in the future.

Total miles for the week: 26

Total miles for this block: 26

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