Chester Marathon: Week 2 of 17

The Stanley knife cuts through the heel counter of my New Balance with ease. One moment the fabric is there, the next a neat rectangular piece of foam and fabric resides in the kitchen bin. As first, it looks a little odd. Then I remember that I have been wearing a pair of Crocs at work for most of the week. Who cares? 

I’ve got Haglund’s Deformity on my left Achilles. Without shoes on I have pain-free, full range of movement. With shoes, or rather with shoes with a stiff heel counter, it hurts. A lot.

So for now, it is customised shoes for the win.

Adapted shoes to accommodate Haglund’s Deformity

With the modified New Balance I manage a very easy 10 mile run on the paths and trails where we live. I film some of it and chat to myself about what I am trying to achieve over the next block of training. I conclude that I am still unsure. I’m happy just to be able to contemplate running 26 miles. 

On Sunday I’m back in the saddle for an easy couple of hours. We’re out for a social coffee ride and as the miles glide by I’m filled with a deep gratitude that despite my troubles this year, I have my health, my family, my work. I often experience this when I’m breathing deeply, and in many ways this is reward enough for committing myself to a marathon. I’ve no idea where the next block of training will lead to, but I am determined to use the time wisely to reflect on just how lucky I really am.

Total miles for this week: 26

Total miles for this block: 52

(Other training: 35 miles of cycling; so much stretching that I dream I’m an elastic band on Tuesday night)

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