I’m running.

That’s good. Things are never so bad when I run. When I run, things start to fall into place and I somehow return home a better and more centred person.

I’m running, but it’s not really clicking. I’m going through the motions.

This is what’s important: run anyway. I have to remember this. I’ve had to remember this more times than I could possibly recount. Move forward. Relax. Don’t overthink it and simply move forward. Go through the motions anyway.

So this is what I do, and this is why I am running.

Ironman training is hard. Work at the end of the last term was really hard. I’ve not been sleeping as much as I should. When I get tired the first thing that starts to recede is my sense of perspective, and before I know it, I revert to my default position which is to question everything.

Mostly, running does not need questioning.

It will pass.

In the meantime…gratitude. 

Gratitude to be able to spend time away again. Gratitude that the scenery is exceptionally breathtaking. No exaggeration. Gratitude that my family are back in the apartment, sleeping.

Gratitude that I am running.

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