I’ve been a runner for two big periods of my life. I ran until my early twenties, then stopped after university. I became an English teacher and I’ve held various roles in five different schools throughout the last twenty-two years.

1988, my first cross country race for Bolton Harriers

I started running again sometime around 2012. In the gap between my early twenties and late thirties I had become very unhealthy. My weight had ballooned, my fitness had disappeared, and my weekends were spent eating and drinking, not running and training. I struggled my way back to running. First by walking, then by jogging, until finally I was able to run. Along the way I devoted as much time as I could to reading about running, about motivation and performance. 

My core belief is that we are all capable of far more than we think. My mission is to help you to realise that potential.

At the start of 2022 I completed my formal run coaching qualification with UK Athletics. This means that I am licensed to coach.

I run for Burnden Road Runners. My next big goal is to complete Ironman UK (again!) in 2023.