My mission

I had a moment of pure clarity in the gym. 

I was cycling away, watching people come in and out, and I had a thought. I wondered to myself: what if some of the people in this gym were every bit as confused about the direction in which they are going as I used to be?

Do they have doubts? Fears? Worries? Are they crippled with the anxiety that once had me by the throat.

Are they living life fully?

Do they need help to get better at whatever they are attempting to do?

I haven’t always been able to do the right thing for myself. There was a time where I felt utterly hopeless.

But over the last 10 years I’ve learnt a lot.

From formal qualifications in coaching, incessant reading, researching, listening, through to reflecting honestly about my own practices, I’ve started a journey of growth towards a more fulfilled life.

I have got better…one day at a time.

Brighter days are ahead once you make the committment to get better

I was once miserable. 

I was unhealthy, unfit, and ill. The choices that I made were not in my own best interests.

I was depressed. 

I didn’t contribute. 

I got up I went to work; I came home. I was a shell of a man with thoughts as bleak as the future I faced. 

It does not have to be like that. I know.

I’ve pushed myself to learn about being a better person, a better teacher, a better runner, a better husband, and better father.

This is just the start. I will continue this personal and professional growth for as long as I walk this earth.

This blog all about how we can all get better. 

I believe that getting better is a gift that all of us can have.

My promise to myself, and to whoever reads this, is that I can help. And I will help. Whatever your getting better goals might be, give me a shout. I can help you do achieve more than you ever thought possible.

My mission is to help you to get your own better.