Relentless consistency

The Wednesday track lesson at Leverhulme Park is getting better all the time. I’m enjoying this particular phase of coaching as we build towards the Knutsford 10K in October. If you are ever in Bolton, drop me a note and come and join us!

Lots of coachees ask what the ‘best’ sessions are. My reply is that the best ones are the ones that you commit to consistently. Of course, there are lots of specific sessions that will, at times, give you the edge. But in all honesty, consistency is what will improve most runners in most cases. Part of my role is to help people to understand that it is the application of simple training principles that will, over time, lead to greater depth. There are no quick fixes and no magic sessions. When runners drop the quest to find the secret sauce, they find the secret sauce. Improvement is there for anyone who is willing to take a step back from the things that they think matter (very often Strava) and lean into some basic, relentless consistency.

Why am I talking to myself?

As runners, self-talk is part of what we do. There’s hardly a single run, session, or race when we don’t listen in to ourselves. Sometimes that self talk is helpful, sometimes it hinders.

It feels very odd to be running, talking, blogging, and generally feeling self-conscious as I chat into my camera. If any aspect of running is making you self-conscious, give me a shout. I coach lots of people for lots of reasons. We can make progress!